This is a blog about two women exploring the joys of gourmet cooking, while trying to stay healthy enough to not have a heart attack while trying to button up their skinny jeans.
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About Us:

Our love of cooking, along with the failure of our business “Cook and Connect”, where sizzling singles were supposed to come to cook up and hook up has lead us to publish this blog. Margo tends to create concoctions out of tofu, like the delish chocolate mouse she served me a couple of weeks ago. My specialty is making a roast chicken produce four or five different meals, a trick I mastered in college and perfected over the years of being single on and off. Both of us are dismayed to hear our single friend’s share that they rarely make a meal for themselves and we hope to offer some advice here that may remedy that.

About Me (Jill):

Jill and gardening stylings.

For me, cooking is a meditative experience, an incantation, a love song to those I am cooking for and an expression of my creativity. I have long fathomed myself an artist without a pallet. I now realize that food is my canvas; my kitchen tools and appliances my brushes, paint and pallet knife and my plated food my art.

Cooking is a multi-sensory experience. I love the aroma that emanates from stove and oven, the sounds of food sizzling in pans and the soft, melodic drum of a knife or mallet hitting the cutting board. I love the plethora of textures and tastes one engages when cooking and the rich colors that abound.

Preparing food for others allows me to express the nurturer within me. One of my greatest pleasures is to cook for others and I love to entertain. This has been true for me for a long time. When I was in college I lived in the basement of someone’s home. My kitchen consisted of a hot plate, a dorm size refrigerator and a large toaster oven. There I prepared feats for up to eight people, always to rave reviews.

I have prepared food for up to one hundred guests (obviously not a sit down dinner party) and even catered my own wedding (with quite a bit of help from my amazing friend Teresa Norton). I love cooking for Thanksgiving, but I am equally engaged just making dinner for myself and The Brit. That said, I would get even more satisfaction from this endeavor were he to stop mixing all the food on his plate together, so he could actually experience the taste of each dish I have lovingly prepared!

I am a home chef. I have taken many cooking classes, own a ton of cookbooks and love the fact that I can peruse literally millions of recipes on the web. At the end of the day though, I still feel that some of my best “recipes” have come from just allowing myself the freedom to experiment and play in the kitchen.

It thrills me that all three of my children love to cook.  Jordan is a vegan and made me the best Drunken Noodle dish I have ever had. Chelsea is pescaterean and creates healthy gourmet meals that continually knock my socks off and Jenna lovingly creates kid friendly meals for my four precious grandchildren.

I love food and that includes food shopping, especially at interesting food stores. I miss the abundance of amazing, small, local markets in Santa Rosa where I lived prior to moving to Colorado. Here in Denver I shop at ArashHMart, as well as Costco and Whole Foods, and Penzeys, for their tantalizing spices. The food sections at T.J. Maxx and their Home Stores, as well as the World Market always call my name and in the warmer weather when the Farmers Market’s abound, I discover heaven on earth. While the Cherry Creek Farmers Market is always fun, the Vail Summer Market is the Nordies of them all!

Being a virgin food blogger, I am just getting my groove on. If there is something you would like to see us offer on these pages, please put my nurturer to work by letting me know! You can always contact both Margo and I at twogirls@saucycooks.com.

About Me (Margo):

Food is not my only love, I am also an artist and photographer.  However, I view food as another way to create art in a world that needs all the creativity it can get.   For me food awakens senses, memories and the desire to create strange patterns on a plate for no apparent reason.

I’m an avid Food Network junkie and just can’t seem to get enough of those shows that create competition out of food.  My favorite is Chopped, always wonder what would happen if someone threw 4 items in a basket and told me to create a dish out of them….probably wind up gracing someone’s wall.  It’s my long held belief that varnish is the answer to everything….that and duct tape.

Something that I cannot ever live without are fresh herbs, which because of winter, are gracing the floor of my living room.  I know that you can re-vitalize dried herbs to some extent but in my mind, fresh is always better.

My degrees are in Marketing and Organizational Management and I’m sure that on some transcendental level they are being put to good use but cooking is a lot more fun and rewarding than life in a cubicle.  So I will continue to evangelize the cult of cooking and spread the word……plus I like to think that I have followers, helps support my ego.

Yep, me contemplating what to cook next!

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  1. A Peer

     /  December 8, 2011

    Fantastic job and interesting recipes. The next time I plan a meal at home, I will definitely come here for ideas!

    Keep posting and everyone will keep reading!


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